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eHealth assessment Toolbox

A comprehensive and easy to use eHealth criteria toolbox that helps users to assess the quality and impact of eHealth tools will be created to enable comparability and facilitate the decision making on which solution would be best for purpose (criteria definitions, checklists, interactive dashboard, etc.).


The results of the systematic literature review have now been published in “JMIR Human Factors”: “Assessing the Quality and Impact of eHealth Tools: Systematic Literature Review and Narrative Synthesis”.

Access the paper here

The results of the criteria validation and testing with industry experts will be published at the end of 2023.

Coming soon


A complete practice-oriented report to inform the stakeholders of the study outcomes and guide them on how to use the toolbox.

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On-demand webinar

Webinars where the research team will present the study findings to a predefined number of participants and address any related questions.

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Certified training workshop

Training workshops to train a predefined number of participants on how to use the toolbox, with an accredited certification from the FHNW, Switzerland.

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